GM CORP. reaches in terms of production and customer service ensure consistency throughout its plants. Specific emphasis on QC procedures and testing make us a perfect match for multinational garment manufacturers and retailers.

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For Sustainable Development

We aim for development that meets the present needs of the apparel industry without compromising environmental standards, to ensure that future generations can lead a sustainable life.We are focusing on products made from paper and recyclable. Specifically like:

  • Paper Bag: Using environmental protection paper bags helps to conserve natural forests, reduce CO2 emissions, solid waste, wastewater and protect water quality. Everyone knows that paper is made from wood, the amount of paper produced for human use is unknown how much forest area has been exploited.
Paper Bag
Paper Bag
  • Eco Plastic Bag: Environmental pollution by plastic bags and plastic waste is a very difficult problem for the world. Therefore, initiatives to produce environmentally friendly bags to replace plastic bags are essential and should be replicated
Eco Plastic
Eco Plastic
  • Paper Hanger: In the trend of using environmentally friendly products, hanger was born as an effective solution for the field of fashion and retail. Made from 100% pulp, paper hooks can be easily recycled and reused. In addition, in order to ensure the traceability of the forest for pulp production, many businesses aim to use FSC paper to produce paper hooks.
Paper Hanger
Paper Hanger
  • Paper Box
  • Hangtag
  • Water Soluble
  • Compostable
  • Biodegrable

For The Environment

  • Using materials that are beneficial to human health and the environment: paper, organic cotton, silk
  • Investigate recycled textile creation options
  • Stop participating in the fast fashion trend
Our Factory
Our Factory

For The Growth Of The Company

On the morning of May 13 at  Mai House Saigon Hotel  (Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City 70000). GM CORP. Joined The Vietnam Leather – Footwear – Handbag Association held a workshop “Application of 4.0 technology towards sustainable development in footwear factories” bringing a lot of useful information to businesses about the industry. specializes in textiles and apparel, offering optimal technology solutions to compete and develop in the international market.

Vietnam's leather and footwear industry applies 4.0 technology
Vietnam’s leather and footwear industry applies 4.0 technology

At the conference, technology experts brought a new perspective on the application of technology in production. Specifically, the most talked about technology is  IOT and virtual reality. Enterprises that want to develop sustainably need to have an orientation on the application of technology to production in order to: Save electric energy, maximize management productivity, timely repair machinery, …


  • Focus on manufacturing and exporting environmental protection products
  • Enroll employees in environmental awareness and action programs. In particular, applying 4.0 technology to management and production

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