Paper Hangers: A Smart and Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Brand


If you are looking for a way to showcase your brand and products while also caring for the environment, paper hangers are the ideal choice for you. Paper hangers, also known as cardboard hangers, are hangers made from recycled paper materials, such as cardboard boxes and paper bags. They are quite durable, flexible, and customizable. These hangers will not only help you reduce your impact on the environment by saving resources and preventing waste, but they can also help you enhance your brand image by displaying your logo, tagline, or information or your message on hangers.

Paper Hanger – Green Alternative for Clothes Hanging

Cardboard hangers are the preferred option for many fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Uniqlo, and others, who are shifting away from plastic and metal hangers to more eco-friendly alternatives. What makes these hangers so appealing?

  • The eco-friendly benefits of paper hangers: The paper hanger is recyclable pulp. Many companies use FSC paper hangers to trace forest sources.
  • Recycle paper hangers easily and safely: By using recycled paper hangers for the Limited Edition collection, KappAhl and Ekoligens AB collaborate to reduce plastic waste to the environment by up to 1.1 tons.
  • Paper hangers are strong and durable enough for any garment: By compressing multiple paper layers into a solid material, this hanger achieves a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. It can hold as much weight as plastic and metal hangers, up to 10 kg for heavy items like jackets and jeans.
  • The many uses and advantages of paper hangers: Cardboard hangers in various designs for hanging clothes and accessories of all ages. Special shape to keep items neat and prevent slipping off.
  • Save money and resources with paper hangers: Using recycled paper materials, these hangers are affordable and ideal for users who need large quantities, such as stores or fashion events. They are also lightweight compared to metal or plastic hangers, which reduces transportation costs.
  • Maximize your shop with paper hangers: With their compact and diverse shapes, they take up less space in the closets or shelves, enhancing the display area and saving costs for users.
  • Customize paper hangers for your brand: Paper material makes printing easy and flexible. Cardboard hangers can be printed with logos, slogans, messages, and promotions for clothing stores. They come in various designs and colors to create new looks for cardboard hangers. Some models are specially made to display the products in the best way. This is a very effective marketing strategy used by major fashion brands today.

From Carton Boxes to Cardboard Hangers: A Creative and Sustainable Solution

An innovative idea from the “If world design guide” is to use carton packaging for clothes as paper hangers for your fashion stores (clothes, shoes, socks, ties, vests…)

The carton box has hanger designs on the top and bottom that customers can easily detach and attach to the joints. This idea not only reuses packaging and saves costs but also makes your brand more memorable.

  • Step 1: Open the box and take out the products 
  • Step 2: Separate the two hangers on the top and bottom of the box 
  • Step 3: Join the two hangers together with the joints 
  • Step 4: Use the hanger and hang your clothes on the shelf.


The 7 Best Paper Hanger Designs for the Fashion Industry

Paper hangers are also fun to use, as they come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles that can suit your personality and taste. Here are 7 paper crochet patterns with unique designs, suitable for many garments. They will help you improve your brand image and attract customers.

1. Top paper hangers

This kind of hanger looks very much like the regular clothes hanger we use every day. The only difference is that they are made of recycled paper. They have two small notches on the hanger that will keep your clothes in place when hanging on the rack, especially for tank tops or tank dresses.

A paper hanger above has a glossy, matte, or UV coating on the surface, which makes them more water-resistant. They also have embossed or stamped details that highlight the design and come in different sizes, which fit various kinds of clothes.

Top paper hanger
Top paper hanger 2
Paper hanger for clothes

2. Bottom paper hangers for pants

This paper hanger is made of FSC paper that comes from well-managed forest sources. It has a flat shape that will take up less space when hanging, which is very attractive and sturdy, just like a plastic or wooden hanger. The hanger also has a high-quality metal clip that is ideal for hanging jeans and skirts.

Paper hanger for pants

Above model resembles a normal hanger. Its unique feature is that it is a mix of hard paper and 2 metal clips. With this design, it can be used for hanging pants, kids’ clothes, or accessories. 2 removable metal clips can adjust their width, which is very handy to use.

3. Lingerie paper hangers

This is a striking hard paper hanger model. It has many intricate cut-out details on its shoulders. They help to keep clothes tidy on the hanger. It can be used for various kinds of clothes and lingeries. Its elegant design matches its compact size which will save your closet space.



Lingerie paper hanger sample 1


Lingerie paper hanger sample 2

4. Shoes paper hangers

Have you ever seen a shoe hanger? This paper hanger is made of recycled paper and comes in a variety of designs that are very appealing to consumers. The compact size with 2 simple hooks makes it easy to hang the slippers.

Paper hanger for flip-flop
Paper hanger for shoes
Paper hanger for shoes 2
Paper hanger for shoes 2

5. Towel/scarf paper hangers

This model is not suitable for coats, because its small and round hanger shoulders cannot support clothes like a regular hanger.

It is ideal for hanging towels or pieces of cloth. The large size of the hollow frame in the middle and the thickness of the hanger can hold thick towels or a few pieces of cloth. The special point is that instead of using a real hook, they make a very attractive hook out of paper.

6. Socks paper hangers

With a special design and a thickness of 3.5mm, this paper hanger is ideal for hanging socks. Its small size of 11cm will take up less space on the rack.

Paper hanger for socks

7. Door paper hangers

A door hanger is a simple but powerful marketing tool – it catches the eye, it gets picked up, and most importantly it gets noticed. Most door hangers have colorful graphics on one or both sides of sturdy cardstock and are used to promote something.

Door paper hanger or advertising paper hanger

These are 7 paper hanger types for you to consider. They are ideal for display areas at shops, supermarkets or fashion shows, exhibitions … Besides being eco-friendly, paper hangers also create a good impression on your customers.

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